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My Expertise for Your Health Enhancement

Hello, I am a very resourceful person, a professional coach and POT trainer. I am extremely passionate about Puzzle Out Therapy and coaching. I do provide my clients with the quick resolution and easy transformation followed by result they trully desire. My personal background is in Personal Performance, Small and Corporate business coaching, Public Health, Health Promotion, Western Medicine, and CAM since 1990. I am an international lecturer and trainer since 1987.

My existing clients range from VIP and VVIP individuals, as multi-million business owners to smaller companies or employees. Along with mental health support I am helping to build a local community with constant psychological support, stress relief, and tension reduction meetings and special healing events.

I am a happy woman and the mother of two. Therefore, I am extremely open to share with you my expertise. I had difficult some times since I was two years old and a lot of challenges over during the last five decades. However, I never gave up on my soul and spirit. All of past traumatic experiences have taught me a lot and helped me to better understand who I am, in particular what are my real values. My LOVE LIFE, HEALTH and CREATIVITY stands always NUMBER ONE on my priority list.

I had so many ‘initiations of terrific emotional, psychological and spiritual pain’ due to historic-political-economical and personal life changes, and because of the different people who surrounded me by over decades. I am no longer afraid of many things that usually frightened people. From many traumatising experiences, I know the real pain of loss and betrayal by those I had held nearest and dearest. Therefore I now value the real taste of freedom and life in love forever. Someone I knew, who had spent most of his life in prison respectfully called me ‘ the bohemian survivor’. I cannot agree more. I am the best example of how to build your own world from scratch again and again.  That is why, I can help anyone to become the someone you have been dreaming about to be to transforming your present into an amazingly attractive future!

What are your greatest desires, needs and gaps in life: Great health? Perfect relationship? A happy marriage? Healthy conception and pregnancy? The best quality healthy children? An ideal state of male and female sexual health? Money? Successful business? More money? Dealing with your loss? Managing rapid changes in life? Blocked emotions? Self-realisation in your desired area? Life in Love? Struggling with a new career?..

When I was 25, I started full-time practice with very difficult and hard to diagnose cases. Luckily, I always had plenty of continued professional development (CPD) and the best international cooperation. In addition to hard work, I have often relied on my own knowledge, insights, intuition and wisdom but I never hesitated to ask for professional opinion for specific cases.

Now, with over 30 years of varied experience, I can offer my expertise to anyone in need. Always patient/client-centered. I am very passionate about positive results and very balanced in my approach and advice. I am patient but strongly motivated, flexible but very disciplined.

I fully respect your needs, but you will only participate in constructive games with me (please see Eric Berne’s book).

You can trust me. I am a professional Coach who clearly feels the quantum field and understands who is in front of me: the Partner or the Patient. Both will be treated equally with appreciation, but clearly totally differently.

Do you know that your physical, mental, financial, and social health are all equally important?

To live a high quality of life your health needs to be balanced in all four areas.

With my professional expertise and work experience, I can help to diagnose and fill the gap (healing and transforming) in either of these areas.

NB Leech Therapy
POT Brochure

Please share your concerns with me and I will help to address them improving quality of your life!

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If you want to go over your unfulfiled gaps and broken links rapidly and have the most unique transformational life changing experience, then the best would be to book an Accelerator therapeutic coaching retreat with me.

This will be intensive time for amazing discoveries for you. You will be encouraged to uncover your hidden potential. You also will understand how your past experiences influence todays' choices and results.

This priceless time with me will give you all necessary insides to continue unstopable personal development achieving any of your dreams in almost no time! How it sounds for you?

Well, let's look at the calender together for the next available slot then. I pretty busy with my bookings, please think ahead and plan responsibly.

We can chose the destination together and go ahead with the slots of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 or 14 days. There will be the charge of £1,000 per day. On top of business class flight/train/cruise/transfer tickets (visas if needed) and the fully funded stay at the penthouse or 5 stars hotel, I am usually treated with the whole SPA, culture and shopping programe.

If you want to change your life moving from where you are now to where you would love to be, let's start this fascinating process NOW! You will be feeling emotionally safe and 100% appreciated. Trust me.

NB: The full general, mental and sexual health check results need to be presented prior to our intake call.

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Further education: how to finance your studies?

I think it is never too early and never too late to study. I think studentship is rather fascinating! Especially if you can receive funds from Student Finance England (SFE) and study 1 or 2 (just ONE OR TWO) days a week (keep working part time!). Please have a look at our website and choose where and what would you be interested in Student Finance


My education and activities:

I am known since 1990 for my educational, cultural, healthy lifestyle and coaching promotional activities which were highlighted in many TV & radio programmes, mass media publications. Mostly with distinction (!!) I passionately studied different disciplines in Vietnam, United Kingdom, Russian Federation, Belarus and Lithuania over 50 years (!!!). And I am still studying more...

Graduated MSc Chemistry, Arts of Life and Medicine (1987), MSc in Social Science (2004), trained in Transactional analysis at Leeds Psychotherapy Institute (2007), qualified in Personal and Business Coaching (2008), Health and Social Care, Public Health and Health Promotion (2019). Since 2007, I have worked in London as a Doctor of Complementary medicine running the British Association of Hirudotherapy (BAH). I also offered online health training (www.bah.today/team) & services (www.quadracare.co.uk) in London. Since 2016, I am Managing Director of the Chekhov Community in the UK (www.chekhovcommunity.uk). In 2022, I became Director of Quantum Community Limited with the ambitious project to develop the NEW UK Puzzle Out Therapy educating over 66,000 new Quantum Coaches within 2025-2045.

Would you like to know more about POT?


Your NEW career: are you looking for a job?

I believe that we work to live but not live to work. I think that work should be exciting and pleasing. I also act when I think I don't like my job anymore.

My interests and passions:

Since 1990, I was engaged with Fashion and Beauty offering comprehensive cosmetology training and treatment, and unique plastic massage; working together with ‘Burda Moden’ womens’ club. I introduced ‘The Healing Clothes’ collections decorated with precious metals, gems and minerals. Between 1996-2004 I ran a Healthy Food restaurant; Natural Medicine Centre and Culture Association of Foreign countries friendship societies. Since 2004, I was President of International Family Association: nominated the best Leonardo da Vinci European coaching project 2012, a member of Parliamentary Women’s Forum, and a candidate for European Parliament in 2009.

Our World is changing dramatically. I want to remain the Light and spread Positive Vibes and Best News breaking Darkness in people's mind. At the present time I inspired Mr. Stephen Gillen CEO of Roar Media Creative to start new 'Puzzle Out My Game' TV series and 'A Pulse of the UK' newspaper for numerous articles related to different psychological tricks, manipulations and con-games based on true facts and real stories. I am really excited about this projects!

Since 2007 I helped to set up working places for hundreds people in over 30 countries.

Personalised VIP PA

I am a qualified professional in Health promotion, Public health and Health and Social care. My work experience started in 1990. I used to rebuild the families bringing people back from care settings to their family homes. I am here to address your special needs. I am using a person centred approach to ensure that you are getting exactly what you want.

Please get in touch to plan with me and my team:

  • Your VIP and VVIP Personalised Assistance
  • Your Care Management for the best professional care provision
  • The rest of life Personalised care at own home addressing your needs
  • All your special wishes despite your current age and condition

Your VIP relationship

In my work life I am loving, caring, positive and inspired; I do like Freedom, Passion and Creativity! In my own projects/teams I am the motivating leader, hard & focussed worker, inspiring for others doer.

In my private life I am always looking for loving relationship. In 2000 I was persuaded by my girlfriends to start 3 Accelerator Days training 'I Am The Woman' which was welcomed with great thanks because it was about...ONLINE DATING! I still consult many women because I am experienced in dating, as I was on many online dating sites since 2002. I am happy in Love and still believe in Marriage.

This is something unique and really special. Trust me. Nothing is online! Everything private. VIP. Confidential...and very very interesting. This is something designed specifically for those who are interested in the best possible quality in relationship!

Because of my appearances and attractive qualities in February 2022 I was appointed Ambassador of the respected MacLynn VIP Matchmaking Consultancy. I can refer you to find the best match TRULLY MATCHING YOUR DESIRES!

This is an international award-winning matchmaking agency with offices in London, New York and California. They assist clients all over the world with achieving one very important life goal – finding their ultimate match. Their team of matchmakers are qualified psychologists and relationship experts.

Everything about Vida is typically the opposite of what you would expect from online dating; it is kept offline, the service is personally delivered by their team of matchmakers, membership is strictly invite-only, and they only deal with individuals who are serious about finding a life-partner.

This is their proactive (fee-paying) membership. Private Members are assigned a dedicated matchmaker who will carefully handpick a series of introductions to Open and/or Private Members. Over 85% of their Private Members are matched successfully.

Ask me for a specific email to proceed with your private membership.

This is the passive membership. Open Membership is strictly invite-only and there are no guarantees of being matched. Each person is individually profiled and added to our offline "black book". MacLynn matchmakers commit their time to Private Members, then tap into their network of Open Members to hand-select the most compatible matches and make one-on-one introductions. There is normally a one-off registration fee of £360, however as I am referring you, this fee will be waived for you.

To register for a complimentary Open Membership, just follow these instructions:

Stage 1: Register

Click on the following link - http://thevidaconsultancy.com/membership/

Under Open Membership, click ‘Apply’

Invite code is: NinaB (Case sensitive, no spaces before or after)

Once your information is submitted it is stored securely in their offline system, which is completely confidential. Submitting the form will also confirm your agreement to their Open Membership T&Cs, which includes important confidentiality clauses.

Stage 2: Membership approval

A member of the team will be in touch to confirm if your application has been approved. 

Stage 3: Matchmaking!

As an Open Member they can’t promise to match you, but if a matchmaker feels you are compatible with one of their Private Members, they will get in touch with you to find out if you would like to be introduced.

We look forward to receiving your Open Membership registration form and welcoming you to Vida!

*They go by the name of Maclynn International in the US.

POT: What is Puzzle Out Therapy POT?

Is Puzzle Out Therapy POT different?

  • Different from Coaching because POT can produce prompt 100% transformational results after ONE SINGLE Session!
  • Different from Coaching because POT is constantly asking a tough question: WHY?
  • Different from psychodrama because POT uses healing sentences.
  • Different from psychotherapy because POT does not get stuck in ‘stories’ that often ignore reality, POT approaches simple truth acknowledging WHAT IS and WHY IT IS.
  • POT uses the body as the tool for changes.
  • POT uses several different types of approaches during different POT sessions.
  • POT uses cards, figures, chess and many more tools to demonstrate unavoidable truth and simple reasons for any disadvantage or challenge in the patient’s life.
  • POT is the Integrative method which is focused on both: Events and Emotions.
  • POT differently from the Family Constellations which is focused on Events and is focused on Events and Emotions.
  • POT differs from Master Analysis which is focused on Emotions and Feelings uses both these powerful tools and Events to find the Truth instantly and undoubtedly.
  • POT transforms Events and Emotions from the past and from the Future using Healing Affirmations and Sentences which helps you to build new lifelong everyday practices, habits and skills.
  • POT applies the Universal Logic next to the Knowing or Quantum Fields and uses all of them equally.

Puzzle Out Therapy (POT) is an evidence-based complex psychological correction method which involves several known complementary medicine practices usually used separately. Its uniqueness is within its compilation of different approaches and methods used in POT together. Also it is in its simplicity using visual factors that helps people suffering from stress and traumas. When you can ‘see’ or ‘observe’ your issue it is easier to understand, take it and then fix it transforming negative and painful experience into positive. It is easy to be trained as POT practitioner, also it is easy to participate in the POT sessions as a client. POT is provided by Quantum Community (QC) Ltd to pinpoint (test/diagnose) the source of a person’s stress (emotional problem) and “puzzling out” (accepting and transforming) their traumas, emotional gaps and needs and transforming them into positive experiences (basically rewriting neuron connections) to help them live their lives to their full potential.

The scale of the mental health problem in the UK is truly alarming !

The UK’s Mental Health Foundation reports(*) that during the past year 74% of adults have felt so stressed that they felt unable to cope. 32% of adults have felt suicidal tendencies and 16% reported that they self-harmed as a result of stress.

The sources of stress are manifold, including work-related stress, financial stress, emotional stress, psychological stress among minority communities, adverse experiences and traumas during childhood, and so on. Many refugees arriving in the UK are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD) or chronic stress, or both. PTSD is ten times more likely in refugees and asylum seekers than in host populations(**).

Stress impacts mental health indirectly by affecting how individuals interact with others, including partners and family members, potentially placing strain on relationships. In its survey, the Mental Health Foundation found that 37% of adults who reported feeling stressed reported feeling lonely because of stress.

A study in 2016/17 found that work-related stress accounted for an average of 23.9 workdays lost per year for every person affected. It is now estimated that almost 1 in 6 people at work have a mental health problem. The working population of the UK is 32.7 million, which implies that about 5.4 million people at work have a mental health issue. Every year, 300,000 people with long-term mental health problems lose their jobs in the UK. Overall, the Mental Health Foundation and London School of Economics found that mental health issues cost the UK economy at least GBP 117.9 billion per year; i.e. around 5% of GDP. By contrast, the National Health Service (NHS) had a budget of GBP12.2 billion to spend on mental health in 2018/19. In March 2021, the Government announced a “Mental health recovery plan” backed by just GBP 0.5 billion.

It is not just adults that suffer from stress. In its 2017 survey, the Mental Health Foundation found that 1 in 9 children aged between 5 and 15 had a mental health disorder (including emotional, behavioural, hyperactive, etc). When including children up to 19 years of age, the incidence rate increased to 1 in 8, largely due to emotional disorders (anxiety, depression), with the most affected being females aged 17 to 19 among which the incidence is 1 in 5. It is hardly surprising that many of these stress issues are carried forward into adult life where – as noted above – the sources of stress increase.

(*) https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/news/stressed-nation-74-uk-overwhelmed-or-unable-cope-some-point-past-year

(**) https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0171030#pone.0171030.ref010

POT is an a long practice and evidence-based psychological correction method that helps people suffering from stress, also puzzling out their emotional gaps and needs. POT is in the process of registration with the UK’s General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapies (GRCCT). The purpose of the registration with the GRCCT is to ensure Quantum Community Limited has the status of a leading training organisation in the UK. By protecting the public by promoting and enforcing high standards of education, performance and conduct among practitioners of complementary and alternative medicine, GRCCT unites over 20 disciplines and over 20,000 practitioners in the UK. “Practitioners who hold current registration with the GRCCT will be seen to meet the NHS National Cancer Action Team criteria in relation to Patient Safety” (ref: grcct.org).

QC aims to encourage councils throughout the UK to set up facilities to provide stress-reducing therapies for vulnerable people, starting with London borough councils. It also aims to approach large businesses.

POT is delivered via up to 3 sessions per week, typically in groups of 10 to 15 people. However, it could be delivered on an individual basis working one-to-one off-line. The sessions are delivered by trained Puzzle-Out Therapy Quantum Coaches (POT-QCs). POT-QCs provide separate sessions for adults (16 years and older). The sessions include Tibet singing Bowls sessions, mind-calming breathing, particular body relaxation techniques and massages, and therapeutic workouts (puzzling-out) and other complementary methods. The duration of therapy treatment will depend on the nature, cause and intensity of each person’s stress but normally it is about 45-90 minutes.

To start with it is intended to train 100 POT coaches for local councils. Each POT-QC will be able to provide group or individual sessions also working in partnership with NHS and other large organisations and corporations. We aim to train 6,000 POT-QCs by 2035 (providing training) and then offer sessions in any of the local council.

Councils and corporations will pay for each POT therapy session. Alternatively, the participants will pay POT-QC fees. Related expenses for training premises (unless provided free of charge by the clients), travel costs of POT QC coaches will be charged separately.

Puzzle Out Therapy POT brochure

Quantum Community Limited

Our mission is to help over 7,000,000 vulnerable s in the UK

Our vision is by 2023 to start regular POT (Puzzle Out Therapy) events for local residents

affected by high increase of mental ill-health, also for people who have arrived in the United Kingdom with their Families from all over the world in 2022.

Our format of delivery is Mental Health and Social Well-being Support Groups for local

residents regular meetings off-line or online.

Our aim is to provide Weekly Meetings for single adults, adults in different partnerships and families without or with children.

POT Puzzle Out Therapy

Problem: Last few years have been very difficult for most people around the World.

Unfortunately, so many more stress factors have been added to our normal day to day challenges to deal with like;  financial difficulties due to COVID related complications, so many negative media stories and unfortunate political disruptions. Statistically over 21% of adults and 8.2% children in the UK suffer from stress, anxiety, panic and fears and they have not been taught to manage their feelings in the ecological and ethical non-abusive and harmless way. All of these have a great chance of affecting an individual's mental health and have a very damaging impact on the quality of life in the long-term. On the other hand many people have left their country and moved to the UK to save their lives because of the war. They need care and mental health support to recover from these traumatizing events.

Potential: In the modern world of new economic challenges, war in Eastern Europe and post pandemic, there is a strong need to help people to manage their fears, stress &

anxiety level and panic attacks. This could be done by setting up unique Puzzle Out Therapy (POT) groups in every council. These groups of 10-15 people would meet on a regular basis (1-2-3 times a week) for calming down breathing techniques, mind and body Relaxation and Therapeutic workouts (Tibet singing Bowls, Thumper massage, self-massage etc.). This will also help dealing with many known syndromes (postponed life syndrome, fear of success & boarding school syndrome etc.). We are establishing a safe space: for adults to support their Mental Health and Social Well-being, to meet others that speak their language, while playing in a creative and friendly atmosphere. We believe that regular meetings of small community groups (10-15 local people) at the local council facilities to share their thoughts, fears, worries and puzzling them out and managing their feelings under supervision of an experienced Puzzle-Out Master coach would be a great solution!

POT Puzzle Out Therapy

What is Puzzle Out Therapy POT?

POT is provided by Quantum Coaches (QC). This is scientifically proven, evidence based psychological correction method which helps dealing with people’s everyday stress and worries, also puzzling out their emotional gaps and needs. Qualified Quantum coaches (QC) are ready to start now. Many more of them could be trained among local residents within 2-3 months during POT meetings on the local groups. All theoretical coaching-studying materials are ready to be delivered as soon as this project receives the necessary funds and could go ahead.

Who can join POT? Anyone from the age of 16 for adults group.

POT Puzzle Out Therapy

Based on the modern knowledge of quantum physics, psychoanalysis, transactional analysis, psychotherapy, bioengineering, coaching and complementary medicine, we can feel that ‘everything is connected to everything’. Therefore, we can make a correlation that each individual is connected to another one. Neighbours are connected to each other by similar dynamics of fear and anxiety too. Therefore, a small community group of ‘like-minded which is regularly meeting in the local town hall on a weekly basis or more often, could make a huge positive impact on the mental health and social well-being of the whole borough, London and the UK eventually.

Same as the body should be restored working on the cell lever, we should start working on a very basic level of a social cell. This cell could be a group of 10 local residents united by the same dynamic based for instance on fear. Fear to live, to think, to feel, to express to work and dream. Therefore people tend to block their feelings until these feelings become unmanageable and could express spontaneously like self harming or abusive to others.

POT Puzzle Out Therapy

People have trouble managing anger, anxiety, panic, but also joy and happiness in an ecological and safe way for themselves and the society. POT could help with this.

People are never told that all their feelings are necessary and every individual should learn how to express every feeling without harming themselves or others. Using POT these fears could be expressed in an ethical and ecological way and worked out by puzzling out the real reasons for those negative feelings. People should be heard and understood. They should feel comfortable to speak and build in new skills being supervised by the experienced Master - Quantum Coach.

POT working system: POT groups will meet and work on a weekly basis for 2 hours maximum. Many gaps will be identified and filled with love and gratitude. This will give an individual the most important feeling of acceptance, belonging, appreciation and uniqueness. Feeling their own value, people become less aggressive, more friendly with each other, healthier and happier. This leads to a better society, where everyone feels appreciated, valued and able to express their own talents and love to others. Living in full potential people stop being depressed, violent and angry. People feel more joy and happiness as a positive side effect. POT is the key for those who suffered from incomplete families, broken relationships and unsuccessful careers or lack of self-belief or self-confidence.

Solution: Working in small (Puzzle Out Therapy) POT groups could be a solution. If we treat 10-15 people as a cell of the society instead of the traditional family, we can gather those groups on a weekly basis providing them with Puzzle Out Therapy by qualified coaches regularly.

We can not only help people to rebuild their mental and general health by finding out the missing links which are affecting their life, health and success but also we can help establish new trustworthy connections between people. This will decrease level of depression, insomnia, suicides, panic, anxiety and other mental conditions. Also this will help with relationships, achievements in personal life and business by ensuring better personal and business performance.POT Puzzle Out Therapy

What is a POT session?!

This unique Puzzle Out Therapy (POT) method allows pinpointing the source of a person's problem, and with the help of transformation (Quantum Coaching) - solve it by removing emotional blocks, negative experiences, traumatizing memories. This could be done by setting up unique Puzzle Out Therapy (POT) groups in every council. These groups of 10-15 people would meet on a regular basis (1-2-3 times a week) for calming down breathing techniques, mind and body relaxation and therapeutic workouts mentioned above.

All theoretical coaching-studying materials are ready to be delivered as soon as this project receives the necessary funds and all is ready to go ahead. POT working system: POT groups will meet and work on a weekly basis for 2 hours maximum. Regular meetings, ability to speak in the mother tongue during these sessions - will give an individual the most important feeling of acceptance, belonging, appreciation and uniqueness. Feeling their own value, people become calmer, more friendly with each other, healthier and  happier. This leads to a better society, where everyone feels appreciated, valued and able to express their own talents and love to others.

The POT coaching comprises three levels, with the duration of courses as follows:

  • Level 1: 240 hours - for self-healing only
  • Level 2: 240 + 40 = 280 hours - for coaches
  • Level 3: 240 + 40 + 40 = 320 hours - for trainers

There is no particular requirements before starting POT training. Attainment of Level 3 (360 hours) is required before a coach has the knowledge to run sessions with clients (councils and corporations). They would be assisted by a Level 1 coach. A POT volunteer might also join as part of developing their practitioner experience towards the Level 3 certification.

QC has identified about 100 people that have received some form of alternative therapy training and these people are initial candidates to become POT Quantum Coaches. For suitable candidates it would be possible to fast-track the route to Level 3 and QC is already restructuring some o0f the training material to make this possible.

QC has already spoken with a number of London borough councils and some councils outside London. With fast-tracked Level 3 coaches it is intended to commence delivery of POT courses to councils starting early in 2023. Some councils may already have mental health or social care budgets that can be used for POT courses, while others may need to wait until their next financial year and a budget has been allocated. It is QC’s intention to commence courses with 10 councils during Year 1 (i.e. 2023). Therefore, a minimum of 10 Level 3 coaches will need to be trained by the end of 2022, although some would commence delivery of their courses later next year.

During Year 1 (2023), QC will market its courses to additional councils and start marketing with corporations (NHS, BUPA etc.), with the target of securing 10 additional councils by the end of 2023 and at least 1 large corporation. Corporations will have branch offices across the country, so the logistics of delivering courses in various locations will be determined.

Year 2 (2024) will therefore see POT courses rolled out to 30 additional councils which makes a total of 40 councils across the UK and to the head office and branches of at least then expand to 4 large companies and 6 medium-size companies in Year 2.  By 2035 we aim to train 2,000 POT-QC trainers (Level 3) and 66,000 POT-QC practitioners (Level 2).

QC has already identified many people as potential POT trainees.

These are candidates with the necessary skills and sufficient knowledge in different subjects.

They may need some re training, a knowledge check and some continued professional development (CPD), followed by “shaping and polishing” before they can perform as POT professionals. 100 of them will be selected and offered the fast-track training because we need them rapidly to start performing POT therapy in the UK.

Subsequent trainees will be identified via marketing and promotional activities. The marketing strategies are described below. The promotional activities will include a TV series (the script is

already being prepared; see details below), attendance at exhibitions, and word of-mouth promotions via trained POT coaches and via people that have received POT therapy. QC Ltd has already contacted councils directly to secure their interest in POT therapy courses. This form of engagement will be continued. Once the first few courses are successfully underway, QC will contact the UK’s Local Government Association to determine how POGT can be promoted more widely and effectively through local governments’ own media. QC will develop a shortlist of corporations, beginning in the London area. Promoting POT to these clients will be via direct engagement (introductory letters about POT to the human resources departments) and indirect engagement (for example, via advertisements in BUPA).

QC will also promote its courses to the National Health Service (NHS) and its Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs). It will also contact BUPA. BUPA has a specific page on its website pertaining to mental health (https://www.bupa.co.uk/mental-health). QC will contact BUPA to ascertain how it can become a recognised therapy for BUPA members. QC’s research so far has revealed that BUPA already has policies for adding mental health to private health insurances with specific arrangements already in place for individuals/families, companies.

Sample Section of Syllabus:  

1st level – Puzzle Out Therapy POT for self healing purposes only

To start with we offer The "First Introductory Level in POT" which includes five unique sections:

1 - Mental health. Neurone connections

2 - Personal Performance within POT system

3 - Self-realisation removing self-sabotage and limiting beliefs

4 - The Energy and role of money

5 - How to build loving relationship

"First Introductory Level in POT"  is designed from build into 12 modules (20 hours each):

1 - Systemic hierarchy

2 - The Universal Law of balance

3 - Loyalty to ancestral/social system

4 - Feeling of self-guilt/self-sabotage and depressing obligations

5 - Coming out of negative past experiences, family imprints, programmes and patterns

6  - Love to others in the Light of self-appreciation and fulfilment

7 - True happiness and content, breathing techniques for self-healing

8 - How to sense, appreciate and define emotions and feelings

9 - True and false desires

10 - Approaching self-accomplishment

11 - Internal division: healing broken links in relationship with parents

12 - Reconnecting with the ancestral energy.

Important is that every practitioner:

A) Shares our philosophy:
B) Studies online materials of the mentioned above 12 modules C) Participates regularly in practical Zoom meetings and live fields (QC Hive-Club weekly meetings) D)  Following Rules, Regulations presented in the Quantum Community Limited Constitution and Code of Conduct E) Understands the difference between POT and other therapies:
  • Different from Coaching because POT can produce prompt 100% transformational results after ONE SINGLE Session!
  • Different from Coaching because POT is constantly asking a tough question: WHY?
  • Different from psychodrama because POT uses healing sentences.
  • Different from psychotherapy because POT does not get stuck in ‘stories’ that often ignore reality, POT approaches simple truth acknowledging WHAT IS and WHY IT IS.
  • POT uses the body as the tool for changes.
  • POT uses several different types of approaches during different POT sessions.
  • POT uses cards, figures, chess and many more tools to demonstrate unavoidable truth and simple reasons for any disadvantage or challenge in the patient’s life.
  • POT is the Integrative method which is focused on both: Events and Emotions.
  • POT differently from the Family Constellations which is focused on Events and is focused on Events and Emotions.
  • POT differs from Master Analysis which is focused on Emotions and Feelings uses both these powerful tools and Events to find the Truth instantly and undoubtedly.

Download POT leaflet:

NB Leech Therapy
POT Brochure

Contact and book an intake call with me now / Buy a 2-4-6-12 transformational sessions package: Book now

QC HIVE-CLUB: Philosophy, Structure, Membership Benefits and Marketing System


We have many amazing projects built in a very simple structure for all our members-contractors (QCBCs) that sign up to work with us. It looks like this:

  1. Mother Bee (MB-NB) is Nina Barbora.
  2. QC Bees who just signed for QC Membership (QCB).
  3. Leaders (CQBC) who are contracting others by signing then for QC membership and actively participating in QC Marketing scheme building QC honeycombs.
  4. QC special Flower Builders Bees QCFB named as: Honey, Nectar, Bumble and Royal Bees. They are well rewarded for their activity in QC promotion (please see more about it in further marketing explanation).

Our Marketing system is based on QCBCs activity only. Firstly, QCBCs will receive  Honey spoons and Honey Jars (1st and 2nd type rewards). That how they start ‘drawing QC Flowers’ by inviting and referring directly new QCBs, who also tends to become QCBCs. Later they receive Honey Barrels (3rd type of rewards) and eventually Honey Cisterns (4gth and PLUS* type of rewards) becoming QCBC the highest rewarded Ranks.

QC Hive is very committed and supportive structure offering 4% in shares for the most active QCBCs as share holders as lifetime benefits for them and their families. At QC we treat everyone in a fair and equal way, so every member has the same opportunities to earn rewards and expand their clients.

Everything is based on the quality of QCBs’ work with us, their individual referral activity and their ability to deliver appropriate information about the QC Marketing scheme. It’s a fair and equal playing field where everyone plays by the same rules and is awarded accordingly.


Gold – £49.99 per month - Weekly POT brunch with Nina Barbora or other Quantum Coach POT practitioner to test Your psychogical tentions and requests in a group

Platinum - £99.99 per month - everything above to diagnose dynamics and casts in a group

Diamond - £249.99 per month - everything above + ONE personal POT test/diagnostic.

Elite - £449.99 per month everything above + ONE FULL POT transformational session.
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VIP - £1499.99 per month - everything above + NB DAILY online support involving + FOUR FULL POT transformational life changing sessions off-line.
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How to turn your points into money?

Here are the FOUR types of reward in more detail:

Gold – You will automatically be charged £49.99 per month and become part of the QC Marketing Scheme, earning you 1 point when you become QCBC.

Platinum - £99.99 per month – earns you 2 points when you become QCBC.

Diamond - £249.99 per month – earns you 5 points when you become QCBC.

Elite - £449.99 per month – earns you 9 points when you become QCBC.

VIP - £1149.99 per month – earns you 30 points when you become QCBC.

1. Honey Spoon – one-off payment of 10% of the Membership Fee paid fromeachofyour invites
  • Gold – £49.99 = £5
  • Platinum - £99.99 = £10
  • Diamond - £249.99 = £25
  • Elite - £449.99 = £45
  • VIP - £1499.99 = £150
2. Honey Jar - regular 4% monthly payments calculated by summarising total pointsof each of your active invites
  • 1 point = £50 x 4% = £2
  • 2 points - £100 x 4%= £4
  • 5 points - £250 x 4% = £10
  • 9 point - £450 x 4% = £18
  • 30 points - £1500 x 4%= £60
3. Honey Barrel – an additional one-off payment paid every year for themost activeQCBCs equating to 2%
  • 90 points - 2% = £90
  • 180 points - 2% = £180
  • 270 points -2% = £270
  • 360 points - 2% = £360
4. Honey Cistern - a regular annual payment that is based on the whole QCturnover
  • 0.5MM - 0.25% from the whole QC turnover £ 1,250 - QC Honey Bee rank.
  • 1MM - 0,75% from the whole QC turnover or £7,500 - QC Nectar Bee rank
  • 2MM - 1.25% from the whole QC turnover £25,000 - QC Bumble Bee rank
  • 4MM - 1.75% from the whole QC turnover £70,000 - QC Royal Bee rank

PLUS* more to that! When QC will reach 4+MM yearly turnover then the most activemembers and their families will be rewarded splitting among them4%insharesfortheir lifetime! Now real Magic begins!

P.S. All this marketing system is based on ACTIVITY - members are ACTIVE as soon as theykeeppaying their chosen monthly fee. This membership fee could be updated any time.

We are constantly looking for new team members! Anyone who joins My QC Hive-Club and shares our values and philosophy, follows our rules and principles, and  fits within the QC Hive-Club structure is on track for Great Health, Perfect Well-being, a Happy Love Life and Relationship, successful rewarding career in business or other self-realisation.

We can’t wait to meet you and start you on the path to success!

Your always caring and buzzing nearby Your MOTHER BEE, Nina Barbora (NBMB)

People and Media about me: Nina Barbora - Who is She?

  • A hard working scientist-expert-practitioner? 
  • A talented laid back celebrity living her high maintenance quality life?
  • A spoiled Model engaged in health promotion and health fashion?


  • A Mysterious Nymph All-In-One (Ageless Virgo-Lover, Experienced Geisha-Companion and Inspiring Muse ?) 

How is she managing talentedly spending her time in creative writing, composing music and acting? How does she combine both: helping others and studying, taking care of loved ones and loving herself unimaginably?

Let's discover that together?

Nove starodavne tehnologije – terapija s pijavkami; Prof. dr. Albert Ivanovich Krashenyuk
London Islamic Medicine Summit
Давид Кудыков с Нина Барбора Эванс на радио "Русский Бит" 2014
05 WHC 2013 Nina Barbara Evans

Welcoming Your Gifts

Dear You,

If You feel like giving me a present, it is simple. I LOVE GIFTS and accept them as the best COMPLIMENTS! So, you might be curious about what I love? Please have a look and choose: JEWELLERY, CLOTHING, SHOES, BAGS and OTHER GIFTS...

Desired brands:

Just letting you know that mу UK sizes for Clothing M for shoes 7

Your gifts of appreciation will be received with gratitude at the following address:
Suite 66, 272 Kensington High Street, London W8 6ND


I am passionate about cars and driving makes me feel like flying! It is maybe because I am the daughter of a famous car racing champion!

Please consider some of those as a special gift of appreciation, I would love driving them!

  • Aston Martin
  • Rolls Royce
  • G-Wagen
  • BMW electric
  • Jeep
  • Lamborghini-Jeep

I believe I was born to enjoy life in full and to spend it talentedly. I love all the below, please do not be shy, invite me to share these amazing moments of joy and pleasure...

  • Castings
  • Photo shoots
  • Dining out @££££
  • Private Clubs *****
  • Concert/Show/Museum
  • Hunting/Safari/Fishing
  • Special VIP events/Red Carpet
  • Holidays @Penthouse or 5* Hotel stay/Cruises
Money Gifts:

My dearest father always said that since money was created it is quite simple to express your gratitude. I agree with him. My dear, the amount you feel is right You can simply


I have many interesting projects to develop: please have a look at my POT for Vulnerables and Chekhov Palace in London! Each of them is worth Millions and Millions!!). I am also aiming to move to my penthouse soon, therefore I want to be surrounded by nice things only!

I would be more than happy to receive a Gift of Money from you as appreciation for Who I Am and What I Love.


Singing-Song Writing

A bit more about my background:

I was born in USSR, Vilnius, Lithuania. I think I present an excellent mixture of Italian and Slavic genes. Great childhood, perfect presence.

Very good manners inherited from my parents family, well educated (my mission in this life to keep studying and educating others). I love travel and socialising, can speak several languages, and play piano and sing (a gift from my Dad Fiodor - 'bacia').

My CD 'With You' was very warmly welcomed in 20 countries, which encouraged me to continue singing and composing..

Poetic-Creative Writing

I have a smart mind and great sense of humor (I am extremely auto-ironic) I can also write quite attractive pieces of prose and poetry (a gift from my beautiful pure Mum Nina).

I love hard rock (a push from my eldest Bro Felix). I love Red Carpet Events, Extreme Sports and pet rabbits (just love all of them). So far there are 6 of my books published which have found admirers in over 40 countries of the world. Please download my books

"Who is Who" publications about Nina Barbora:

Nina Barbora (further - NB): is known for her educational, cultural and healthy lifestyle promotional activities which were highlighted in many TV & radio programmes, mass media publications. Graduated Mc Chemistry, Culture of Life, Coaching and Medicine, since 2007 NB offers her expertise in leech therapy sessions and health training (www.bah.today/team) in London.

Since 2016 NB is Managing Director of the Chekhov Community in the UK (www.chekhovcommunity.uk)

Since 1990 Nina Barbora engaged with Fashion and Beauty (offering comprehensive cosmetology treatment, unique plastic massage; working together with ‘Burda Moden’ womens’ club she introduces ‘The Healing Clothes’ collections decorated with precious metals, gems and minerals).

1996-2004 she runs a Healthy Meal restaurant; Natural Medicine centre and Culture Association of Foreign countries friendship societies.

Since 2004 NB has been President of International Family Association (The best nominated Leonardo da Vinci European coaching project 2012), a member of Parliamentary Women’s Forum, a candidate for European Parliament in 2009.

Nina Barbora likes travelling (visited more than 30 countries); in her spare time NB enjoys creative projects. She is an interesting singer, song writer; her CD ‘With you’ was very warmly welcomed in London. Nina Barbora is a member of the International Writers and publicists Association APIA. Currently she works on a new therapeutic TV series...